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Functions and Characteristics of YUASA TRADING (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

1.Maintenance Service Functions

 Staff for maintenance service, including Japanese, are permanently stationed locally and it is possible to handle the maintenance service promptly.

2.Utilization of the strong purchasing power of Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd.

 It is possible to utilize the purchasing power based on the high sales performance of Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd., a primary manufacturer in Japan.

3.No barriers between Japan and overseas for Yuasa Trading group

 Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd., Yuasa Technical Engineering Co., Ltd., and overseas affiliated companies share information and support customers as members of the group.

4.Turnkey Engineering Support

 We construct systems that comply with the needs of customers with support from the technical staff of Yuasa Technical Engineering Co., Ltd.

5.Special purpose machine production support by local procurement in Thailand

 We introduce an appropriate manufacturer according to the various 

6.Support for procurement of machine tools produced in Taiwan

 We handle the process from selection to delivery of machine tools produced in Taiwan with support from YUASA TRADING (TAIWAN) CO.,LTD., and make prompt arrangements for parts for after-sales service and handle trouble support.


7.Support for Tools, Equipment and Consumable Goods

 We can support not only machines, but also the peripheral tools,utilizing the tools handled by Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd.’s mechanical and electrical service headquarters, and the product power of the equipment manufacturers.

 It is possible to reduce transportation costs by regular airfreight service from Japan twice a week.

 It is possible to support the local procurement of products (special tools, regrinding, gauges, precision processing of parts, etc.).

8.Proposal・Support for Environmental・Energy Saving Equipment

 It is possible to conduct energy saving diagnosis and proposal preparation

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