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Labor saving machine, All sort of special purpose machinery

Our company produce ideal machines which match customers' need and deliver to customers on due date.

We design to support the engineering bussiness company・prepare staffs in engineering work, not only contact with maker. We also provide total solution 「suggestion」→「structure design」→「confirm order's specification」→「design」→「process control」→「inspection」→「After service」

All kind of special-purpose machinery/Made in Japan and Made in Thailand


Engine casing work machine
Used for Aluminium foil air hole
Automated line for gear work
Special purpose Milling cutter used for Crankshaft machine process
Crankcase process system
Pump drive case process
Cylinder head process
Differential case process machine
Transmission housing manufacturing
Bodypump process machine

Construction Inspection

All kind of Press fitting machine
All kind of Caulking Machines
All kind of Bonding machine
All kind of Leak tester
Motor load test device
Machine measurement done by robot

Robots  Automation

Automated line that use all kinds of robots


Aluminium briquette press
Aluminum chips processing system
Marking System
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